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College Administration

An overview of Taubman College community members to help provide guidance for those seeking administrative assistance.

College Administration

Are you trying to address something pertaining to Taubman College and would like to know who to contact for questions or assistance? Please refer to this chart to find out.


Overview of Departments


Admissions and Recruiting

Contact Information: 734.647.2187 | Room 2150 | taubmancollegeadmissions@umich.edu

The admissions and recruiting staff attend local and regional recruiting events, hold prospective student information sessions, webinars, open house and admitted student preview weekends for prospective students and their families. These events allow prospective students to learn about the depth and breadth of resources at Taubman College.


The study of architecture and urban planning provides students with an opportunity to explore the world around them and provides an introduction to designing the space and buildings within it. These interdisciplinary professions are for individuals with a passion for designing the built environment and a desire to address the environmental challenges facing us today. For additional questions, contact the Taubman College admissions and recruiting team.

Related Staff:

Lisa Hauser, Assistant Director
Office: 2150  |  734-763-1275
Gerry Kreiner, Admissions Officer
Office: 2150  |  734-615-0431
Greg Yaros, Admissions Officer
Office: 2150  |  734-764-1649
Michael Smith, Admissions and Recruiting Assistant
Office: 2150

Learn more about:

Applying for admission to a Taubman College Degree

Career Services

Contact Information: 734.763.1370 | Room 2150 | taubmancareerservices@umich.edu

The career services staff at Taubman College is a student-centered team committed to providing a comprehensive and tailored suite of services and resources that will empower students and alumni to leverage skills and training in order to achieve and maintain lifelong career success.


Your career. It all begins here.

Related Staff:

Beth Berenter,  Career Services Coordinator (B.S. Architecture, M. Architecture)
Office: 2108A  |  734-764-1301
Lou Ecken, Career Services Coordinator (M.U.P., M.U.D., M.S. Architecture)
Office: 2113  |  734-763-9560


Taubman Career Services is a student-centered team committed to providing a comprehensive and tailored suite of services and resources that will empower students and alumni to leverage skills and training in order to achieve and maintain lifelong career success.


Students and alumni of Taubman College are provided with a variety of services and resources to assist with professional development. These services include:

  • One-on-one career advising
  • Career workshops and programs
  • Tailored career resources
  • Networking opportunities

Career Resources:

This site provides basic resources for the fields of architecture and urban planning. For more specific needs, please contact taubmancareerservices@umich.edu.

Schedule an Appointment:

Career advisors can help current students and alumni with a range of topics including career planning, resume and cover letter development, job search strategies, interview preparation and networking.

To schedule an appointment with:
Beth Berenter (B.S. Arch and M.Arch), email berenter@umich.edu
Lou Ecken Kidd (MUP, MUD, M.S. Arch) click on this link.


View a list of upcoming career and professional development workshops and programs.

For Employers:

Recruit from among the country's best-prepared graduates in architecture and urban planning. Learn more.

Communications and Marketing

Contact Information: 734.763.1370 | Room 2150 | taubmancollegecommunications@umich.edu

The communications and marketing staff oversees internal and external communications, including media relations, marketing, events, website, digital signage, hallway displays, and publications for Taubman College. In addition, the staff develops and implements graphic, style, and editorial standards.


The staff of this office is responsible for internal and external communications, including media relations, marketing, events, website, digital signage, hallway displays, and publications. In addition, the staff develops and implements graphic, style, and editorial standards.

Related Staff:

Amber LaCroix, Senior Director, Marketing Communications
Office: 2150  |  734-763-1370
Bryan Ranallo, Senior Web Designer
Office: 2113  |  734-615-7344
Liz Momblanco, Graphic Designer
Office: 2113  |  734-615-9434
Deniz McGee, Public Relations Associate
Office: 2113  |  734-615-3845
Maryann Wilkinson, Exhibition Director
Office: 2113  |  734-764-7808
Katee Cole, Conferences and Events Manager
Office: 2150  |  734-763-6518

All requests for web, print, design, and photos should be sent via email to taubmancollegecommunications@umich.edu.

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning Branding
Taubman College’s brand is in strict alignment with the University of Michigan branding.

Logos, stationery, and PowerPoint templates are all available and ready to download from our website. See Related Forms & Guidelines below.

Business cards for Taubman College are available to order through University of Michigan Printing Services

Dean’s Office & Program Support

Contact Information: 734.763.1300 | Room 2150 | taubmandeansoffice@umich.edu

The Deans and Program Chairs provide leadership for the school. Support Staff for the Dean’s  and Program Chairs provide support for leadership, strategic and operational functions. Both groups provide reception functions and can link community members to College services and employment opportunities.  Support is also provided for Business Data reporting and data collection assistance.


Related Staff:

Robert Fishman, Interim Dean and Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning
Office: 2150  |  734-764-1315
Geoffrey Thün, Associate Dean for Research and Creative Practice and Associate Professor of Architecture
Office: 2150  |  734-834-9385
Sharon Haar, Chair and Professor of Architecture
Office: 2150  |  734-936-0221
Maria Arquero de Alarcon, Director, Master of Urban Design Degree Program and Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning
Catie Newell, Director, Master of Science in Material Systems and Digital Technologies and Assistant Professor of Architecture
Robert Adams, Director, Master of Science in Design and Health and Associate Professor of Architecture
Joe Grengs, Chair and Associate Professor of Urban Planning
Scott Campbell, Ph.D. in Urban Planning Degree Coordinator and Associate Professor of Urban Planning
Wendy Rampson, Director of Admissions for Urban and Regional Planning
Office: 2150  |  734-763-2322
Linda Mills, Administrative Director
Office: 2150  |  734-936-0222
Ann Luke, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Office: 2150  |  734-764-1315
Kate Grandfield, Assistant to the Associate Deans
Office: 2150  |  734-615-5260
Laura J. Brown, Programs Assistant
Office: 2150  |  734-936-0221

Development and Alumni Relations

Contact Information: 734.763.1300 | Room 2150 | taubmanalumniandfriends@umich.edu

The staff of this office is primarily responsible for the school's fundraising activities. This office also serves as the connection for the approximately 8,000 living Taubman College alumni.


Related Staff:

Quinn Doran, Assistant Director, Development and Alumni Relations
Office: 2150  


  • Support the future of the College and its community
  • Support Stories
  • Student Aid
  • Facilities, Furniture and Fixtures
  • Faculty Research and Development
  • New Initiatives

Facilities Office

Contact Information: 734.763.2534 | Room 2105 | taubmanfacilities@umich.edu

The Facilities Office is the central point of service for all maintenance and housekeeping issues for the Taubman College side of the Art & Architecture Building, the Liberty Research Annex, the Michigan Research Studio (in Detroit) and the assigned room at the Modern Languages Building. The Facilities Office staff are responsible for the general maintenance of the building, including all repairs of furnishings and fixtures. The facilities staff also coordinate with the university custodial services, plant department and skilled trades shops. Other activities include working with the building services department to maintain the cleanliness of the building and coordinating with grounds and waste management on upkeep of the exterior. Services include processing and submitting of telephone requests, the distribution of key requisitions for faculty, staff, and students, and coordinating office relocations within the building.


Related Staff:

Kelly Moore, Facilities Manager
Office: 2105  |  734-763-3132

More Information:

Financial Planning, Management and Research Administration

Contact Information: 734.763.1267 | Room 2150 | taubmanfinance@umich.edu

The Financial Planning, Management and Research Administration team provides support, leadership and resources to encourage responsible stewardship of financial resources. Staff members work collaboratively with faculty and doctoral students to prepare  grant proposals and administer sponsored projects. The team also provides data pulls and analysis for internal and external reporting.


Financial and Research Administration staff serves the College as a collaborative partner to help students, faculty and staff with procurement, financial services, budgeting, grant pre and post award and related business support needs.

Related Staff:

Sandra Patton, Business and Finance Manager
Office: 2150  |  734-763-1267
Camie Turner, Business Analyst/Assistant Director
Office: 2150  |  734-763-0658
Ryan Knierbein, Business Intelligence Analyst
Office: 2150  |  734-615-3653
Marina Lukyanchuk, Research Administration Associate
Office: 2150  |  734-763-9116
Samantha Burns, Accounting/Office Specialist
Office: 2150  |  734-764-1300

Research Budget Review:

The College’s finance and research staff play major roles in the budget approval process, ensuring that budgets contain adequate funds for the proposed activities, that the university obligations are clear, and that the budget is structured to meet university and funder requirements. Because this takes time, faculty are strongly encouraged to contact the Research Office early in the grant application process.

Principal investigators should submit all proposals and pre-proposals to Associate Dean for Research Geoffrey Thun and the College’s Research Administrator Marina Lukyanchuk. Marina  will work with the university's Office of Research and Sponsored Projects in submitting the proposal to the granting and funding agency.

All federal grant proposals (USDOE, NSF, NIH, MDE) must be submitted to the University Research Office prior to the sponsor's due date. Nine days are required for NIH grants and seven days for all other federal grants. For all other grants, including non-federal, foundation, etc., the grant proposals must be submitted to the office seven days prior to the sponsor's deadline.

The Grant Application Process:

Before applying:
When you have an application or project in mind, please contact Associate Dean for Research Geoffrey Thün (gthun@umich.edu) in order to discuss your research intentions and begin your steps towards applying. Please copy Marina Lukyanchuk (marinal@umich.edu).

If the proposal impacts curricula in any way schedule a meeting to review the idea with the appropriate program Chair. Chair review and approval is required on all such projects, prior to review with the research administration team.

  • Please, fill out Intent to submit Form
  • Set up meeting to discuss Budget with your Research Administrator
  • If Cost sharing is required by sponsor, make sure to discuss with Geoffrey Thun and seek necessary approvals.

When applying:
All external sponsors (federal and private institutions including foundations) require an electronic Proposal Approval Form (PAF) before submission. In order to complete it, please, provide your Research Administrator with full proposal.

When Marina has finished the PAF, the PI's will go into the eResearch system and electronically sign the PAF. The proposal will go through internal review.

Note: Please, submit your full proposal to Research Administrator 7 days prior to sponsor deadline. It will allow to complete process in timely matter.

Internal University submissions also require some administrative work, but each internal sponsor differs. Contact Marina and Geoff for these submissions as well.

Internal College Funding (SEED and Dissemination) requires approval from Geoff Thun. Please, fill out request form and send request to gthun@umich.edu and cc marinal@umich.edu.

Human Resources Administration

Contact Information: 734.936.0223 | Room 2150 | taubmanhumanresources@umich.edu

Employment information for faculty and staff.

Information and Instructional Technology

Contact Information: 734.763.6012 | Room 2007 | man@umich.edu or jturnera@umich.edu

The Information and Instructional Technology staff support the missions of Taubman College and the University of Michigan by acting as stewards of university technology and aiding the integration of technology into the academic and administrative activities of the College. Working with MiWorkspace and other service providers,  they ensure information technology, audio-visual, and network equipment, installed and desktop, are in optimal condition, are secure and meet the needs of the faculty, staff, and students in the school.


Related Staff:

Bill Manspeaker, Information Technology Manager
Office: 2107A  |  734-763-6012

Instructional Technology refers to a variety of tools that promote innovative and new approaches to teaching and improved student engagement and learning.  These tools can range in scope and are often used in face-to-face, blended and online courses.  

The resources highlighted on this page are a collection of instructional technology tools available to faculty and students.  Some of the resources are specific to Taubman College whereas others are University wide.


Contact Information: 734.764.6716 | Room 1225 | taubmancollegefablab@umich.edu

The FABLab staff support the missions of the Taubman College and the University of Michigan by acting as stewards of digital fabrication technologies. They ensure digital fabrication resources are in optimal condition, to meet the needs of the faculty, staff, and students of the College.


Related Staff:

Wes McGee, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Office: 1224  |  734-936-0246
Asa Peller, FABLab Research Associate


Media Center

Contact Information: 734.763.3584 | Room 2115 | mediacenter@umich.edu

Taubman College Media Center provides support for printing, plotting, scanning and copying as well as limited 3D maker bot support. 


Related Staff:

Amy Horvath, Graphics Specialist
Office: 2115  |  734-763-3584
CJ Darr, Production Supervisor
Office: 2115  |  734-763-3584
Jo-Anne Donfried, Sales Associate
Office: 2115  |  734-763-3584

For information on hours, access to forms, and a guide to hassle-free printing visit the media center page.

Additonal information:

Metals Lab

Contact Information: Room 1244 | mickk@umich.edu

The Metals Lab, is located within the FabLab and provides tools, equipment, training, and workspace for small and large scale projects involving sheet metals and steel structural sections. MIG (metal inert gas) welding stations, metal shears, and brakes as well as cutting and bending equipment are available. The Metals Lab allows for a range of fabrication as well as exploratory work in support of studio and thesis work, research, and design–build projects. 


Introductory tutorials in MIG welding and metals fabrication can be scheduled through the lab coordinator. Tutorials in the use of Metals Lab equipment are available only by appointment. Please contact Mick Kennedy (mickk@umich.edu) to schedule an appointment. Assistance is available for fabrication projects as well as for exploratory design work. Learn more by visiting the metals lab page.


Contact Information: Room 2107A | nscholtz@umich.edu

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning offers a variety of computational services to support architecture, urban planning and urban design students. The Spatial and Numeric Data Services (SAND) North Lab houses computer facilities equipped with tools for handling digital geographic information and the spatial analysis of built form.


Related Staff:

Nicole Scholtz, Spatial and Numeric Data Librarian
Office: 2207  |  734-615-5129

The lab is staffed with specially trained consultants to assist with the ability to:

  • Locate and acquire digital numeric and spatial data sets for course or individual research – for example, for site studies – contours, other spatial data, aerial photos and demographics
  • Provide technical assistance with problem solving and using software for spatial analysis
  • Assist users who want to learn Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or incorporate it into their research, either directly or by locating campus resources for more advanced assistance
  • Provide access to a variety of spatial and statistical software – such as Google Earth Pro, ArcGIS for Desktop and ERDAS Imagine – and help with data management and translation
  • Collaborate with the Library's Government Information Center to provide a complete resource for locating Census data
  • Provide course-related and library instruction on data related topics, both in the classroom and in the lab
  • Acquire, store, and provide access to digital spatial data sets on a local server

For more information, visit the SAND Lab page.

Student Records and Advising Support Services

Contact Information: 734.614.5369 | Room 2150 | taubmancollegeadvising@umich.edu

The Taubman College Registrar and Academic Advisor help current students navigate the College’s academic degree requirements.  They advise students from orientation to graduation, coordinate services with central support areas as needed, and support faculty and administrative classroom scheduling.


Learn more about Taubman College academic advising and new student orientation.

Related Staff:

Stacey Shimones, College Registrar
Office: 2150  |  734-764-5369
Meghan Lee, Academic Adviser
Office: 2150  | 734-763-0863
Theresa Rohlck, English Language Support
Office: 2113A  | 734-615-9632

Academic Integrity:

Graduate students in Taubman College Urban Planning, Master of Science in Architecture and Doctoral academic programs are governed by both Taubman College academic policies and those of the Rackham Graduate School. More information can be found on the Academic Policies/Rackham Policies page.

Intellectual and academic honesty and responsibility are fundamental to our scholarly endeavors. All members of the university community, including students, faculty, and staff, are expected to demonstrate integrity. Academic integrity includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, research integrity, and falsification of data.

More information:
The Understanding Plagiarism and Academic Integrity page from the University of Michigan Shapiro Undergraduate Library. This page includes links to a number of plagiarism-related sites both within and external to the University of Michigan.

The Academic and Professional Integrity page from the Rackham Graduate School website. This page includes definitions and policies on academic integrity topics as well as the procedures involved in investigating alleged academic misconduct.

Academic Policies/Rackham Policies/Degree Requirements:

Undergraduate students and graduate students in the Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design program are governed by Taubman College academic policies.

Graduate students in Urban Planning, the Doctoral Programs and the Master of Science in Architecture program are governed by both Taubman College academic policies and those of the Rackham Graduate School.

The academic policies and regulations of the Rackham Graduate School ensure consistent standards in admissions, registration, requirements, and the awarding of degrees across all Rackham graduate programs. The Rackham Graduate School also upholds standards of academic conduct and integrity and provides a process for the resolution of disputes related to equity and fairness of decisions or procedures that affect a student’s academic standing and progress toward the degree.

Learn more about past and current degree requirements


Contact Information: 734.763.5236 | Room 1251 | mrkrecic@umich.edu

The shop is a 6,000 square foot facility located on the first floor, in the southwest wing of the Art + Architecture Building. A fully equipped wood shop with several stations of the most common machines, the shop also has a good complement of plastics and metal working equipment and two CAD–driven laser cutters for wood, paper, and plastics. The shop staff of professional model makers oversees and guides all work in the shop, and they conduct annual training programs for students.


Related Staff:

Mark Krecic, Senior Shop Coordinator
Office: 1251  |  734-763-5236
Dennis Racine, Assistant Shop Coordinator
Office: 1251  |  734-763-5236

For more information including hours of operation, visit the wood shop page.