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Student Services

Student Services

The Student Services team is made up of several departments that serve different functions here at the college.

Admissions and Recruiting

Contact Information: 734.647.2187  | taubmancollegeadmissions@umich.edu

The admissions and recruiting staff attend local and regional recruiting events, hold prospective student information sessions, webinars, open house and admitted student preview weekends for prospective students and their families. These events allow prospective students to learn about the depth and breadth of resources at Taubman College.

The study of architecture and urban planning provides students with an opportunity to explore the world around them and provides an introduction to designing the space and buildings within it. These interdisciplinary professions are for individuals with a passion for designing the built environment and a desire to address the environmental challenges facing us today. For additional questions, contact the Taubman College admissions and recruiting team.

Supporting Staff:

Lisa Hauser
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruiting

Office: 2330  |  734-763-1275


As Assistant Director of Admission and Recruiting, Lisa Hauser provides leadership and management of recruitment, admissions, and enrollment functions for all prospective applicants to Taubman College. Prior to joining Taubman College, Lisa worked at the Rackham Graduate School Office of Academic Records and Dissertations. Office hours for Lisa are Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm. 



Gerry Kreiner
Admissions Officer

Office: 2328  |  734-615-0431


As Admissions Counselor, Gerry Kreiner works collaboratively with other Admissions and Recruiting Staff to answer all questions related to applying for our 7 individual degrees, 2 certificates, and 2 high school programs. Gerry is the specific admissions liaison to the Master of Architecture program. Prior to joining the University of Michigan, Gerry owned a construction company and a small cafe. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture here at Taubman College, University of Michigan.



Gregory Yaros
Admissions Officer

Office: 2332  |  734-764-1649


As an Undergraduate Admissions Officer at Taubman College, Greg Yaros interacts with students at events, tours, presentations, and in-person advising sessions to recruit high-quality freshmen, cross-campus, and new transfer students to the architecture program. Greg also helps to coordinate the faculty review process to manage application decisions for students. Prior to joining Taubman College, Greg worked as a Building Supervisor at the Central Campus Recreation Building and also as an Resident Advisor in the Mosher-Jordan Residence Hall on campus. He received his Bachelor of Science in the School of Kinesiology from the University of Michigan.



Career Services

Contact Information: 734.763.1370 | Room 2150 | taubmancareerservices@umich.edu

The career services staff at Taubman College is a student-centered team committed to providing a comprehensive and tailored suite of services and resources that will empower students and alumni to leverage skills and training in order to achieve and maintain lifelong career success.

Supporting Staff:

Beth Berenter
Architecture Career Services Coordinator

Office: 2318  |  734-764-1301


As a career services coordinator, Beth collaborates on major annual career efforts including the Spring Break Externship Program and the Career Fair.   She works primarily with undergraduate and graduate architecture students and alumni.  She advises students on job search skills and strategies, facilitates student-alumni and alumni-alumni connections, arranges career-related presentations by alumni, and conducts an annual alumni Destination employment survey. Prior to joining the University of Michigan, Beth held various positions in human resources, event planning, real estate sales, and fundraising management. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Western Michigan University, and two teaching certificates. Please email with questions, or to schedule an appointment.



Lou Ecken Kidd
Urban and Regional Planning Career Services Coordinator / MECC Project Coordinator

Office: 2320  |  734-763-9560

As Career Services Coordinator, Lou provides individual career strategy meetings for students and alumni, presents weekly career skill development workshops, promotes networking opportunities between students and professionals, and collaborates on major career efforts including the Spring Break Externship Program and the annual Career & Networking Fair. Lou works mainly with students in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Master of Urban Design and Master of Science in Architecture programs, but is available to assist other students as needed. Prior to joining Taubman College, Lou served as the Director of Alumni Engagement (and before that, Career Service Coordinator) at Alma College, a small private college in the middle of Michigan. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Alma College, and then came to the University of Michigan for dual degrees: Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health. To schedule an appointment with Lou, please use her appointment calendar or email.



Student Records and Advising Support Services

Contact Information: 734.614.5369 | Room 2150 | taubmancollegeadvising@umich.edu

The Taubman College Registrar and Academic Advisor help current students navigate the College’s academic degree requirements.  They advise students from orientation to graduation, coordinate services with central support areas as needed, and support faculty and administrative classroom scheduling.

Supporting Staff:

Stacey Shimones
College Registrar

Office: 2326  |  734-764-5369


Stacey is available to answer questions related to School and University policies, academic requirements, graduation, student records, registration and enrollment for the BS, M.Arch, MURP, MUD and MS programs.



Meghan Lee
Academic Adviser

Office: 2322  |  734-763-0863


As the academic advisor, Meghan assists students with course selection, registration, and reviews progress towards degree requirements. Meghan previously worked as an admissions officer at Taubman College as well as a Market Manager at the Sunday Artisan Market in Ann Arbor. Meghan received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Montana State University and Master of Arts in Studio Art from Eastern Michigan University. If you are a current student with questions or are experiencing any kind of difficulty, come and see her. For an appointment, please email her.