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Term Fall 2017
Class ARCH 708
Class Title Technolog Process MS
Description PROCESSES IN MATERIAL COMPUTATION | Explorations in textile-based material systems
Processes in Material Computation: Explorations in textile-based material systems. This course will investigate modes of computational design which place materiality as an a-priori agent in the generation of complex structural morphologies; the generation of form is defined via the repercussions of material behavior. In order to explore the relationships of material and form, we will engage methods of form-finding through both physical prototyping and computational simulation. A critical aspect of the seminar will be in understanding the primary relationships between modes of design both virtual and real, understanding that material-inherent form can only be devised through a series of interrelated methods, rather than in a single linear process. The studies in complex structural morphologies will take place through the use of differentiated textiles developed through manufacturing on the CNC knitting machine. The course will explore and develop research in the use of knitted textiles for a range of applications, such as within pre-stressed structures, textile-reinforced composites, and as fabric formwork.
Prereq Taubman College MS students in MS_MS: Open to other students with permission of instructor.
Crosslist none
Required Yes
Elective No
Selective No
Meets Fridays 9:00am-12:00pm 2204 A&AB
Credits 3
Faculty Sean Ahlquist
Syllabus not available