Taubman College

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Term Winter 2011
Class ARCH 890
Class Title Research Colloquium: Design Studies
Description This colloquium allows advanced PhD students and candidates to strengthen their abilities in conducting scholarly research within their specialization area by providing a forum for criticism and advice on a major project. Students will read and respond to one another's work (and to a list of readings related to each student's specific topic) in order to learn how to better define research questions, conduct research, as well as to formulate and present answers. While doing so, larger methodological and disciplinary issues will be considered. Possible projects include the dissertation proposal, the practicum, dissertation chapters, conference papers, and articles to be submitted for publication. By the end of the term, each student will be expected to have taken his/her project to an advanced or final stage. As needed, the course will address practical matters related to conducting research. Each section offered provides a specific focus relevant to one of the specialization areas within the Doctoral Program.
Prereq Ph.D. Student standing or permission of instructor
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective No
Selective No
Meets Wednesdays 4:00-7:00pm 2227 A&AB
Credits 1-4
Faculty spsarra
Syllabus not available