Taubman College

Course List

Term Winter 2011
Class ARCH 505
Class Title Interconnected and Technologically Enhanced
Description This seminar is intended to help students to develop critical perspectives and instrumental approaches with regard to current ecological and technological paradigms in order to formulate a framework for discourse and design work at multiple scales. Weekly readings will frame discussions of contemporary architectural projects with the aim to develop a productive conceptual basis for understanding and operating through the interactions, co-dependencies and emerging relationships between the technological environments of our bodies, buildings and ecologies, and especially as they impact our understanding of sustainability. The course will cover a broad spectrum of positions and will bring together readings from writers and practitioners both within and without the architectural discipline. Topics that will be covered include the posthuman, complex systems, emergence, thermodynamics, industrial ecology, adaptive buildings, prosthesis, intelligent systems, techno-utopias and biomimesis. Students are expected to develop two short visual presentations as well as a semester long project that assumes either the form of a research paper or an original design work.
Prereq none
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective Yes
Selective No
Meets M 7:00-10:00pm 2210 A&AB
Credits 3
Faculty Kathy Velikov
Syllabus not available