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Term Fall 2010
Class ARCH 503
Class Title Modern Architecture Landscape
Description Despite the critical stance toward history that characterizes the Modern Movement in architecture, the emergence of distinct disciplines of architecture and landscape design during the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries has undergone few theoretical challenges until recent decades, when landscape forms have become fashionable models for architectural form and landscape processes have informed certain modes of architectural thought and production. Notwithstanding
the broad proliferation of these contemporary phenomena, their early twentieth-century legacy has been largely overlooked. Through in depth analysis of relevant case studies, this course will examine the historic underpinnings of this tendency and its implications for contemporary practice. Approaching landscape as an essential component of modern architecture’s constructive endowment of material with social value, this course focuses on the precise material forms and
ideological underpinnings of landscapes designed by architects, understanding them as salient to the formulation of both modern architecture and the modern landscape. One ambition of this course is to challenge received understandings of the modern architectural project by foregrounding its social and cultural foundations in landscape. A further ambition is to probe the nature of the architecture-landscape continuum in contemporary western design practices. Only when architects and landscape architects understand the scope and complexity of their individual areas of expertise, as well as their points of convergence and overlap, with the two forms of discourse succeed in formulating significant contributions to contemporary culture. In the spirit of the meaning of the term “seminar,” this course will involve a conversation in which the materials students bring to the table will form a significant component. The proposed course outline is a suggestion as to what might take place; student interests will undoubtedly override aspects of its proposed contents.
Prereq none
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective Yes
Selective Yes
Meets TH 11:30am-2:30pm room 2210 A+AB
Credits 3
Faculty Caroline Constant
Syllabus not available