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Term Winter 2011
Class ARCH 509
Class Title Sartorial Architecture

Clothing and architecture have long shared many affinities ranging from manufacturing processes to their impact upon all manner of social and cultural formations through design. While the Industrial Revolution of the 19th C. recalibrated efficiency in terms of the time and labor necessary to perform repeated tasks by humans in textile manufacturing and building construction, a whole other set of terms emerged around the questions of making, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. Standardization for/from industrial mass-production went hand in hand with the emergence of other social and cultural phenomena - from the formulation of fashion in both the dressing of the body and the environment we live in, to the shaping of social habits and institutions.
This seminar is positioned at the intersection of textile manufacturing and architectural production in the contemporary context by honing-in on the making processes of the garment and the building industry. We will examine these disciplinary parallels in terms of their complex global production; the players and contingencies involved from labor to technology, implementation of design processes, and economic/political forces that affect circumstances inherent to manufacturing and design. Some precedents in this line of inquiry include the work of Pietra Rivoli, Elena Manferdini, Do-Ho Suh, Rei Kawakubo, Lars Spuybroek, and many others.
The making components of the course are framed by exercises that examine the intimate relationship of 2D developable surfaces to structured 3D space. Techniques and operations of tailoring, patterning, weaving, pleating, stitching, and folding will expose the structured seam that relies simultaneously on material performance and its formal implications. The role of representation is central to these endeavors. Drawings will be our design tool in these exercises to facilitate fabrication processes and testing. The making aspect of the course seeks to open up the potential when hybridization of disciplinary processes and design are integral to material studies outside our normative association.
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Elective Yes
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Meets Monday 7:00-10:00pm room 2227
Credits 3
Faculty Tsz Yan Ng
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