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Term Winter 2012
Class UP 403
Class Title Sustainable Neighborhoods
Description While the concept of sustainability is a complex term with multiple layers relating to environmental, social, and economic processes and outcomes, the application of this concept is highly context specific.
Therefore, plans to access and advance elements of sustainability vary significantly based on the existing urban conditions, the biophysical characteristics, the economic circumstances, and the existing residents and community institutions. Sustainability efforts in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Seattle, Washington, and Austin, Texas would reflect different issues, priorities, and constraints. The application of ?sustainability? is further complicated when applied to a declining urban center like Detroit. In this context, issues of social justice are intimately entwined with concerns for environmental quality and the quest for economic stability. Interestingly, in Detroit and other declining rustbelt cities, hardships have opened new frontiers in what constitutes sustainable development. Cities like Detroit are in the process of redefining a different approach of how residents collaborate to create bottom-up solutions to resolve seemingly insurmountable problems. As a result, the movement toward more sustainable neighborhoods in this context requires careful, in-depth assessment of the local culture, the economic conditions, and environmental realities at a variety of spatial and temporal scales.
Within this course, we will focus our attention on how issues of sustainability and social justice co-mingle around the topics of transportation systems, food systems, and the built environment.

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Elective Yes
Meets Thursday 6:00-9:00pm 1028 DANA
Credits 4
Faculty Larissa Larsen
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