Taubman College

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Term Fall 2010
Class ARCH 509
Class Title Productive Systems
Description The fields of ecology and architecture hold in common a consideration of the relationship between inhabitants and their environments. Although both fields have traditionally established a division between humans and all other organisms, this boundary has become increasingly challenged. Advances in complex systems modeling, as pioneered by John Holland in the 1970’s, enabled an expansive (rather than reductive) approach to studying adaptive biological systems. By 1980, landscape ecology became a discrete, established discipline that focused on heterogeneous interactions in space and time and included the study of human-caused landscape changes. Concurrently, the study of living systems has also influenced architecture.

This course will survey the origins and evolution of ecological theory in relationship to its impact on the field of architecture, focusing particularly on contemporary practice. The course will involve reading, discussion, debate, collaborative research and material inquiry. The final project will require each member of the seminar to establish a position that contributes to the contemporary discourse encompassing the relationships between data to design and ecology to architecture. Requirements will include the production of 2d and 3d representations that exhibit this position and utilize materially-informed digital fabrication techniques. “

Prereq none entered yet
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective Yes
Selective No
Meets W 7:00-10:00pm 1227 A&AB
Credits 3
Faculty Jen Maigret
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