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Term Winter 2012
Class ARCH 509
Class Title Scales of the Earth
Description The seminar proposes to look at geographic scale as a design research question. The first Apollo images of the Earth produced a perspective enabling humanity to act on Earth and its nature as if it controlled it from “outside.” The recent developments of satellite technologies have had a significant impact on the modes of representation as well as the conceptions of geography and space. This new “geography from above”—the home, the city, entire territories, the Earth itself, the Moon, Mars, and beyond—redefine our environment, subjectivities, and practices.
If globalization discourse tends to be subsumed under Russian dolls conventional approaches; a plastic conception of scale, as this course explores, offers unexplored opportunities to analyze and design the earth through a careful understanding of the relationships, continuities and discontinuities between people, objects, and signals. The scale of vision, viewpoint, and qualification of space made possible by satellite imagery reframes contemporary debates on design, agency, and territory. With such tools at hand, architects conceive of the geographic as a possible scale, site of intervention, and design approach.
The seminar uses Volume 4 of New Geographies to critically address the relationship of space with such modes of representation. The readings engage the work of scholars and practitioners such as Neil Benner, Lars Lerup, Keller Easterling, Brumo Latour, Alexander D’Hooghe, Alan Berger, Stephen Graham, Peder Anker, Stuart Elden, Mark Dorrian amongst others to understand questions of scale in relation to networks of exchanges and modes of representation. The seminar requires weekly readings and responses as well as a research project based on a selected case study.
Prereq none
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective Yes
Selective No
Meets Friday 1:00-4:00pm Room 2210 A&AB
Credits 3
Faculty El Hadi Jazairy
Syllabus Arch509_Jazairy_Winter12.pdf