Taubman College

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Term Winter 2012
Class ARCH 601
Class Title Changing Face of Rural and Urban China
Description Toward a New Sustainable Environment in Light of the Changing Face of Rural (and Urban) China is an intensive three-credit field-based program that will take place in Beijing China for four weeks beginning in early May. The course is open to Graduate and Undergraduate students from the Architecture, Urban Planning or Urban Design programs in the Taubman College, select Graham Undergraduate Sustainability Scholars from the Graham Environmental Sustainability
Institute, and all undergraduate University of Michigan majors who can apply through the CGIS GCC website. The field course is accompanied by an intensive one credit workshop that will take place during five meetings during the Winter term in Ann Arbor. The goal of this course is to document the changing face of urban and rural China by working both within the urban villages of Beijing as well as in the village of Shang Shui Guo two and a half hours north of Beijing. Students will work closely with the instructors in small groups on one project selected from a series of projects that will be presented during the Winter term workshop.
The defenition of “sustainability” that we will operate under will be an inclusive and expansive one that looks at the many interelated phenomena occurring in the rapidly changing environment of China and other parts of the developing world. In our research, we will be looking at social, political, economic, spatial, environmental issues and examine phenomena related to real estate, production/consumption, massive migrations, etc. For those students who are interested in developing, designing and constructing (alongside a local team of rural builders) parts of a rural sustainable prototype house, we will have an existing house and courtyard that we will use as a laboratory for both testing prototypes and
doing actual construction. Required Coursework
Participation in all site visits and field work including photography, interviews, measuring and other documentation , Research related to Beijing’s Urban Villages, Rural China and the specific environmental issues in the Pearl River Valley Township villages, Full participation in the daily (weekdays) laboratory sesions at BASE Beijing and preparation for and attendance at working sesssions with faculty and students from Beijing University of Technology, The production of texts, documents and a presentation outlining the accomplished documentation, research, and proposals. Arch 506 must be taken along with this course.
Prereq Permission of Instructor
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective Yes
Selective No
Meets ARR
Credits 1
Faculty Mary-Ann Ray
Syllabus not available