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Term Winter 2012
Class ARCH 213
Class Title Architecture and Modernity: Building the 19th and 20th Centuries
Description This course surveys the history of architecture in modernism and in relation to discourses of 19th- and 20th - century modernity. On the one hand, we look at ideas about modernism in European and American culture from early in the 19th c: on the other, we examine progressive modernization in a range of arenas, all related to the build environment. From 19th c. beginnings in new building types and social institutions, until the end of the 20th c., we will consider how architects, engineers, planners, and developers have responded to the challenges wrought by industrialization and post-Enlightenment thought.
Prereq none entered yet
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective Yes
Selective No
Meets Lecture: T/TH 1:00-2:30pm UMMA061
Disc: TH 9:00-10:00am TAP130
TH 10:00-11:00am TAP130
F 9:00-10:00am TAP130
F 10:00-11:00am TAP130
F 11:00am-12:00pm TAP130
Credits 3
Faculty Claire Zimmerman
Syllabus Arch213_Zimmerman_Winter12.pdf