Taubman College


The following presentations were taped by Taubman College faculty on January 13, 2011, as proposed travel courses for spring/summer term, in addition to the fall semester travel studio in Florence, Italy.

Students interested in applying for the travel courses should attend an information session and fill out the application (PDF 41KB). The application is due Feb. 11, 2011, in printed form to Laura Brown, Programs Assistant, in the main office (Room 2150). The information sessions will be the best place to have all questions answered.

Details will be provided by Laura Brown to applicants the week of Feb. 14 about the proposed courses and next steps. Happy travels!


Information Session: January 20: 7 PM. Room 1227 and January 25th: 7PM. Room 2210
Sign-up list located outside office 3133
Faculty contact: David Eugin Moon

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 45KB)

Beijing, China: B.A.S.E.

Information Session: January 21: 11:30 AM. East Review
Faculty contacts: Robert Adams; Mary-Ann Ray and Robert Mangurian [B.A.S.E. Co-Directors/ Founders] will Skype-in from LA.

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 106KB)

Paris: Meta Friche

Information Session: January 21: Noon. Room 2213
Sign up outside office: Room 3121
Faculty contact: Anya Sirota

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 1.7MB)

France/Spain: Camino de Santiago

Information Session: January 25: 11:30 AM West Review Space
Faculty contact: Ellen Donnelly

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 991KB)

Paris: sous-terr/ain vague: Paris, FR 2011

Information Session: January 25: 6:30 PM. East review space
Sign-up list located outside office 3139
Faculty contact: Kaleena Quinn

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 143KB)

Iceland and Scandinavia

Information Session: January 31: Noon. Room 2108
Faculty contact: Orri Gunnarsson, orri@umich.edu
Student presenter in video: Kristen Baja, M.U.P. 2nd year student, previous course participant
Note: Gunnarsson will be in Ann Arbor Jan. 27- to Feb 1. If you can't make it to the Monday meeting, email him and set up an appointment.

See the Studio Proposal (JPG 147KB)
Iceland website

New York

Information Session: February 3: Noon. East Review space
Faculty contact: Jesse LeCavalier

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 614KB)

Japan: Tokyo

Information Session: February 8: 11:45 AM in "C"
Sign-up sheet outside office 3129
Faculty contact: Irene Hwang

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 831KB)

Florence (Fall Architecture Studio: Aug. 31-Dec. 17, 2011)

Information Session: February 7: 6:30 PM. Room 1227
Faculty contact: Neal Robinson

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 266KB)