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Master of Architecture / Master of Urban Design

As an interdisciplinary school, Taubman College encourages students to explore interests outside of architecture and urban and regional planning, the college offers students opportunities to pursue combined degrees.

Program Overview

The MArch/MUD Dual Degree combines the two-year/60 credit hour (4 terms) MArch professional degree with the three semester /45 credit hour (3 terms) MUD post- professional degree. Students admitted to the combined program are required to complete the first-year courses in the MArch degree program first, and then begin the MUD program during the fall of the second academic year. Students may apply for admission to both the MArch and MUD programs simultaneously, or apply to the MUD program while in residence during the first year of the MArch.


For more information on this dual degree, contact Maria Arquero de Alarcon at marquero@umich.edu.