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Amit Ittyerah

Current Student—Ph.D in Architecture

Amit Ittyerah

Specialization: Architecture and Critical Urban Studies/ 2nd year
Advisors: Robert Fishman, William Glover, Martin Murray

Amit’s research focuses on 21st Century urbanization, and more specifically the rapid “urbanization” of the periphery of Indian cities. Using Delhi’s periphery as a case, he is observing patterns of change along Delhi’s radiant highway corridors connecting other surrounding emergent smaller towns and villages. In this context, Amit is interested in studying architecture through the lens of commoditization, commodity circulation and communication and their related infrastructural networks.

Amit is a registered Architect in India, having practiced with firms for over 6 years in Seattle, United States and India. He teaches surveys and seminars in architecture and urban studies, history and theory, and is an avid reviewer at Undergraduate, Graduate and Thesis Design Studios. He received his B.Arch from M.S. University Baroda, India, and M.Arch and M.S. in the History and Theory of Architecture from the University of Washington. He has been a team member of winning design competition entries at National (India), International and invited urban renewal design charettes for the City of Bellevue, Washington United State. He continues to dabble with partners on projects and competitions, and has keen interests in what it means to do research based critical architectural practice.  


  • “Delocalization—The ‘Highway’ Apparatus”, University of Washington (UW).  (M.S.H.T. dissertation. 2016.)
  • Forthcoming-“Morphology of the Post-periphery—An Assemblages Urbanism” “Commodity Architecture”


  • “Deruralization- Highway typologies between Delhi and Chandigarh”. Association of Asian Studies Conference, Seattle, 2016. With Vikramāditya Prakāsh (UW).


  • On going -Study and proposal for Marriage Halls, Party Plots and Convention facilities, National Highway 8, Gurgaon, for The UMRAO Group of Hotels.  

Select Academic Awards:

  • B.Arch Design Thesis Medal M.S. University Baroda, India, 2005
  • Neshlom Family Fellowship UW 2009
  • M.Arch Faculty Medal and Design Thesis Prize UW 2011
  • Seattle Architectural Foundation Fellowship 2014
  • Wolf Family Fellowship UW 2015
  • Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant 2017 UM
  • Paraskevopoulos Memorial Fellowship 2017 UM
  • James B. and Christine L. Newman Scholarship 2017 UM.