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Dustin Brugmann

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Dustin Brugmann is a Digital Fabrication Lab Research Associate and Lecturer at the University of Michigan. His shared staff/faculty appointment represents a commitment to teaching fabrication techniques and technologies. Dustin is a recent University of Michigan M.Arch graduate and brings valuable experience from his previous FABLab positions as a CNC Lab Assistant and Student Coordinator of the CNC/WJ. He represented Taubman College as the inaugural QuarraStone / MatterDesign Research Fellow, where he collaborated with an MIT Research Fellow to advance the digital agenda of the robotic stone cutting industry. Dustin has also served on a NAAB accreditation visit, worked for the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen and ran the model shop at Bernard Tschumi Architects in New York. He has a BA in Architecture from Miami University, where he received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. You'll likely find him in the FABLab, advancing novel fabrication of architecture.