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Associate Professor Shatkin presents research on South Asia’s social, economic and physical changes at Harvard University

Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning Gavin Shatkin spoke at Harvard University's Urbanization Seminar Series, "Are India Cities Global? Assessing Recent Research on State, Space and Citizenship," on September 22, 2011. Shatkin presented his research which focuses on the social, economic, and physical transformations associated with the globalization of cities, including the emerging issues of shelter and basic infrastructure provision in urban regions, the growing role of non-governmental and community-based organizations in addressing these issues and in mediating between communities and government in the community development process, and changes in urban governance. Shatkin and Harvard University Professor and Chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Rahul Mehrotra, answered questions from the audiences.

To watch Shatkin's seminar, click here.

Oct 14, 2011

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