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Faculty members Borum and Daubmann receive a honorable mention at Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition

Taubman College faculty Professor Craig Borum and Associate Professor Karl Daubmann received an honorable mention award in the 46th Annual Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition. The theme of the competition, "Design 2050," was chosen to consider the environmental, urban and lifestyle environments that will likely be encountered in the year 2050. Submitted projects had to deliver the results of positive thinking about paths toward a glass architecture that will contribute to richer lives in 2050.
Their submitted design was for an open pavilion utilizing the storm glass system, which previously received an R+D Award from Architect Magazine. Borum and Daubmann are the principals of PLY Architecture. Together they worked with Taubman College graduates Alex Timmer, Julie Simpson, and Ross Hoekstra to complete this project.
Borum and Daubmanns' entry will be exhibited at the Tokyo International Forum, beginning September 28, 2011, in conjunction with the next world congress of the International Union of Architects (UIA). Many congress participants are expected to attend the final public judging.
For more information about the Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition, and a complete listing of all prize winners, please click here.

Oct 14, 2011

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