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Lecturer Harmon, M.Arch students install "Starfield" at New Orleans AIA DesCours Festival

Architecture Lecturer Jennifer Harmon is working with master of architecture students on a competition entry Harmon won for 2011 New Orleans AIA DesCours Festival, December 2-11, 2011. The installation "Starfield" recreates the constellation Draco and presents a new view of the night sky, providing a three dimensional lacework from the stars that cast their light. By filling a roofless courtyard, the flattened image of the sky is replaced by a new reality. As visitors move under the installation, the constellation and the night sky are released are presented as a new and dynamic experience." The involved students include: Ben Thomas, Spence Kroll, Joshua Kehl, Grant Weaver, Catharine Pyenson, Logan Wiedman, Missy Ablin and Will Martin. Consulting faculty include: Architecture Lecturer Maciej Kaczynski and Architecture Associate Professor Peter von Beulow.

Starfield, New Orleans Jen Harmon 2011

DesCours is a ten-night architecture and art event. The event invites international architects and artists to create 15 architecture installations within 'hidden' locations in the heart of New Orleans, including private courtyards, rooftops, abandoned buildings and walkways, all locations normally unseen, inaccessible or unused by the public.

For more information about DesCours: click here.

Nov 11, 2011

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