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Architecture Assistant Professor Velikov and Associate Professor Thün publish “Infra-/ Eco-/ Logi-/ -Urbanism” in MONU magazine

Associate Professor Geoffrey Thün and Assistant Professor Kathy Velikov's article "Infra-/ Eco-/ Logi-/ -Urbanism" was featured in MONU, Magazine on Urbanism. Published in the 15th issue entitled Post-Ideological Urbanism, the article was co-written with Colin Ripley, fellow partner at RVTR.

"Infra-/ Eco-/ Logi-/ -Urbanism" examines the potential for design to leverage the distribution logics of contemporary material and systemic flows to produce possible urban futures where methods of apprehension are integral to acts of intervention. The piece includes work from their Conduit Urbanism project, mappings produced by Taubman College students from Thün's 2011 "MetaShed" Seminar, and thesis work by U-M graduate Dan Weissman (M.Arch '10).

For more information on the article: click here.

Dec 7, 2011

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