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2013 Thesis Project Honors

  • Megha Chandrasekhar
  • Pooja Dalal
  • Brittany Gacsy
  • Emily Kutil
  • Christopher Mascari
  • Dan McTavish
  • Hans Papke
  • Ariel Poliner
  • Nick Safley
  • Anna Schaefferkoetter
  • Brandon Vieth

Master of Science Student Award

Tom Bessai


2012 Thesis Project Honors

  • Razieh Ghorbani
  • Se Hee Kim
  • Heidi Swift
  • Spencer Kroll
  • Tarlton Long
  • Julie Janiski
  • Din Botsford
  • Ben Hagenhofer-Daniell
  • Pik Ling Chong
  • Courtney Chin

Master of Science Student Award

Keith Peiffer


2011 Thesis Project Honors

  • Ryan Donaghy
  • Christopher Holzwart
  • William Liow
  • Jessica Mattson
  • Andrew Powers
  • Melinda Rouse
  • Alivia Stalnaker
  • Kyle Strugeon
  • Katie Grace Wirtz

Master of Science Student Award

Micah Aaron Berkowitz Rutenberg

2010 Graduate Award Recipients

  • Johnathan Sapanara Puff, "Acadian Roadstead: delimiting the Agency of the Proposal"
    Faculty advisor: Mireille Roddier
  • Gavet Douangvichit, "The Anatomy of Anticipation"
    Faculty advisor: Jason Young
  • Tom Lee, "Tapping into the Spirit World: Dead Chickens and Turtle Soup"
    Faculty advisor: Perry Kulper
  • Wiltrud Simbuerger, "cloud cuckoo land (a weather nursery)"
    Faculty advisor: Craig Borum

2009 Graduate Award Recipients

  • Patrick Forsea Lynch, "cite sited"
    Advisors: Tom Buresh with Danelle Guthrie
  • Adrienne Scott McDaniel "_conditioning the IN-BETWEEN"
    Advisors: Jason Young with Dawn Gilpin
  • Sen Liu "21st Century Piracy"
    Advisors: Jason Young with Dawn Gilpin
  • Emmett T. Harrison, "the museum of absent things"
    Advisors: Neal Robinson with Perry Kulper
  • Juan Pablo Mercado "drift between here, there, and imagined grounds"
    Advisors: Neal Robinson with Perry Kulper
  • Ross Christopher Hoekstra "revisionary tactics: renovating the museum store at the Smithsonian"
    Advisors: Craig Borum with Keith Mitnick
  • Matthew Ducharme-Smith, "Critical Opalescence"
    Advisors: Perry Kulper, Neal Robinson

Program Distinction

Zain Walid Abuseir
John Beck
Sara D. Blumenstein
Kristen Louise Dotson
Justin Fogle
Megan McBride
Justin Peterson
Colin Richardson
Dongjun Seo
James W. Witherspoon

Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award

Adrienne Scott McDaniel

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

Claire Sheridan

AIA Henry Adams Medal

Emmett T. Harrison

AIA Henry Adams Certificate

Ross C. Hoekstra

Booth Traveling Fellowship

Claire Sheridan

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2008 Graduate Thesis Awards

Melanie Jo Kaba
Everything Nothing: Into the Simultaneity of the Radically Disparate
Advisor: Keith Mitnick

Allison Newmeyer
CaMO: If these Walls Could See
Advisor: Mireille Roddier

David Taylor
Conduction Becomes
Advisor: Neal Robinson

Janet Yoon
Underground Credit Card Factory in an Isolated Desert Town
Advisor: Jason Young

Architecture Program Distinction

2008 Awards

Ellen Elizabeth Donnelly
Patrick Michael Carmody
Nicole Eisenmann
Andrew McGee

Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award

2008 Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award

Susan Amanda Massey

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

2008 Alpha Ro Chi Medal

Mashawnta Amara Armstrong

AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate

2008 AIA Henry Adams Medal

Jordan Bennet Wilday

2008 AIA Henry Adams Certificate

Nora Catherine Ames

2007 Booth Traveling Fellowship

Michael Mitchell