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Justin Ferguson

Current Student—Ph.D in Architecture

Justin Ferguson, AIA

Specialization: Design Studies
Advisor: Prof. Linda Groat
Dissertation Committee: Linda Groat, Chair; Lesli Hoey, PhD, Cognate; Jean Wineman, and Joongsub Kim (LTU)

Participative Architecture: exploring recent processes and outcomes of public participation through the planning and design of public libraries

This research looks at the processes of architects working with everyday people to plan and design their environments. Recently built, public libraries, opened between 2009-2012, serve as the building type under study. This research seeks to develop a conceptual framework of processes from across the country (breadth), and provide empirical examples of how architects, users, and the public, through these processes, impact the planning and design of public libraries (depth). This research will not only provide a glimpse into the processes of public participation in architecture recently occurring across the country, but it will also provide a rare look into the cultural outcomes of participatory design in addition to the physical building.

Research and Professional Interests: Public Participation in Architecture, Rethinking the Public Library, Community Design (Centers), Workplace and Organizational Strategy, and Architect / Suburban Divide