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Lori Smithey

Current Student—Ph.D in Architecture

Lori Smithey

Specialization: History and Theory
Advisor: Prof. Amy Kulper

My research is invested in constructing a genealogical narrative of Decadence told through the lens of sacred and domestic architecture in both fin-de-siècle France and postmodern America. At stake in trafficing across these programtic and temporal domains is an evacuation of the critical capacity of aesthetics as well as the loss of a middle ground between the phenomenological aspects of lived experience and the aesthetic distanciation of style and stylization. Through case studies such as the Goncourt brothers' Villa Montmorency, the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur, and Philip Johnson's Glass House and Crystal Cathedral, my objective is to investigate a series of responses and reactions to the recognition of being in a post-construction or late moment.

Awards, Publications and Conference Papers:

  • (Forthcoming) "Baubles in the Salle de Bain." Paper to be presented at the 40th Annual 19th-Century French Studies Colloquium, fall 2014
  • Rackham Centennial Fellowship, University of Michigan, summer 2013
  • "Three of Architecture's Fictions: Metaphor, Mechanism, Movement." Paper presented at the 10th Fictions," LTH – School of Architecture, Lund, Sweden, spring 2013
  • Figuring Gothic Architecture through Decadent Poetics." Paper presented at the Center for Victorian Studies conference "Decadent Poetics," University of Exeter, UK, summer 2011
  • "Ralph Adams Cram: Subverting the Collapse of Social and Artistic Value," in Column 5 Journal of Architecture, Seattle, Washington: Department of Architecture, University of Washington, 2011
  • "Ralph Adams Cram and Decadent Space: a Sacred Wasteland." Paper presented at the ICLS Graduate Conference: "Uselessness," Columbia University, New York, NY, spring 2010