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Niloufar Emami

Current Student—Ph.D in Architecture

Niloufar Emami

Specialization: Building Technology
Advisor: Harry Giles
Dissertation Committee: Harry Giles, Peter von Buelow, Karl Daubman, Panos Papalambros, Christoph Reinhart
Dissertation Title: Parameter and Performance: coupled performance assessment of structural and daylighting efficiency in large roof spans with openings

Research Interests: Computational Design, Multidisciplinary Performance-oriented Design, Integrated Design, Structural Design, Material Systems, Form Finding, Computational Geometry, Daylighting and Environmental performance.

About: Niloufar is a designer, researcher, and educator looking for gaps, intersections, and overlaps in multiple disciplines using computational tools to provide creative solutions. She is a designer at various scales: she designs research, computational workflows, curriculum plans, products, and buildings. She has several years of experience in research at the University of Michigan and Autodesk among all; practice experience at multiple architectural firms; and teaching experience as a Lecturer, Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Student Instructor at multiple institutions.

Research: Her current Ph.D. research is focused on the performance-oriented design of buildings considering their structural and environmental performance using parametric modeling, heuristic search algorithms and multi-disciplinary trade-off analysis of performance criteria at the early stages of design. Focusing on shell structures used as large-scale roof systems in architectural design, her research explores the ways they can inspire new design potentials for generating performative architectural systems considering multiple disciplines. By looking at a range of generated typologies within continuous perforated shells and discrete grid shells, she attempts to identify overlaps in form and parameters related to optimal structural and environmental performance.

Selected Awards: Niloufar is the recipient of numerous awards, namely the first runner-up award in DIVA Day competitionBarbour Scholarship and the Helen Wu Award among other honors. Her publications can be found here and here.