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Niloufar Emami

Current Student—Ph.D in Architecture

Niloufar Emami

Specialization: Building Technology
Advisor: Prof. Harry Giles
Dissertation Committee: Harry Giles, Peter von Buelow, Karl Daubman, Panos Papalambros, Christoph Reinhart
Dissertation Title: Parameter and Performance : coupled performance assessment of structural and daylighting efficiency in large roof spans with openings

Niloufar is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Architecture-Building Technology. Her research is focused on the performance-based design of buildings considering their structural and environmental performance using associated modeling, heuristic search algorithms and multi-disciplinary trade-off analysis of performance criteria at the early stages of design. Focusing on shell structures used as large-scale roof systems in architectural design, her research explores the ways they can inspire new design potentials for generating performative architectural systems considering multiple disciplines. By looking at a range of generated typologies within continuous perforated shells and discrete grid shells, she attempts to identify overlaps in form and parameters related to optimal structural and environmental performance.

Having an architectural background, she has research experience with fabrication, numerical simulation and physical experimentation of structural and material systems, as well as simulation and experimental experience with daylighting and energy analysis of building envelopes. Niloufar is the recipient of numerous awards, namely the first runner-up award in DIVA Day competition, Barbour Scholarship and the Helen Wu Award among other honors.

Research Interests:

Computational design, Performance-based design, Integrated design, Multi-objective & multi-disciplinary optimization, Structural performance, Material systems, Environmental performance.

Her publications can be found here

A selection of her design-research portfolio can be found here