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Omid Oliyan Torghabehi

Current Student—Ph.D in Architecture

Omid Oliyan Torghabehi

Specialization: Building Technology
Advisor: Prof. Peter von Bülow

Omid Oliyan is currently a Ph.D. student at Taubman College of Architecture at University of Michigan. Having a background in structural engineering and some research experiences in Computational Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence, He is now pursuing his doctoral studies in the field of computational design which connects architecture with the fields of computer and material science, biomimetic and structural engineering. He is now focusing his research on exploring new performance based design strategies in architectural form finding and material systems which can be put in three categories:

  • Performance based design: Genetic based exploration processes in architectural form finding usin performance based information models
  • Material computation and optimization: Integrating material properties and behavior in the process of for finding and fabrication through material simulation
  • Design computation: Exploring parametric and generative design strategies through integrating and developing form finding software