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MUD OneCity Studio

OneCity Studios explore metropolitan regions in the United States, Latin America, Asia and Africa, with an emphasis on megacities (Mexico City, 2014-15; Rio de Janeiro, 2012-13; Mumbai, 2013-2014) and post-industrial cities (Detroit, 2015-2016).

The Master of Urban Design (M.U.D.) degree focuses on megacity and post-industrial metropolitan regions. The degree approaches urbanism from a metropolitan scale with studio projects prompting analytical and speculative work related to infrastructure, urban housing and precinct-scale development in a single city. Globally-engaged and grounded in practice, the degree builds upon participants’ own design-based experiences to introduce new knowledge in urban real estate, cultural humanities, and ecological consciousness to address complex problems facing global cities. Urban real estate is positioned between the dynamics of private capital, public capital and the public good.

The degree opens up new ground in its approach to catalyzing urban development through a range of methods that may utilize cultural formations and indigenous cultural production as a way of introducing new morphologies of urbanism, new building and space.

Cities of Study

  • Mexico City: 2016-17
  • Detroit: 2015-16
  • Mexico City: 2014-15
  • Mumbai: 2013-14
  • Rio de Janeiro: 2012-13