Taubman College

Computing / Internet Access


Taubman College is wireless! If you're not using "MWireless" already, start by selecting the "UM Wireless Network" when your computer detects wireless, then bring up a browser, login with your uniqname and password on the authentication page, and download the software for the newer "MWireless". Once installed, MWireless will be more secure, faster, and simpler to use than the "UM Wireless Network". Be sure to read the installation instructions. That's it!

Wired Network Access

You will need to register your desktop or laptop if you want to use the wired network connection in the college. You do NOT need to register if you use the wireless network. We recommend that you use the wired network when working with large data files (printing to the Media Center, sending and receiving electronic files). The wired network is much faster and more capable of handling large data files versus wireless.

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