Taubman College

Digital Fab Lab / CNC Mill

The CNC milling machine is of a 3 axis bed mill type. The machine can be run in a manual mode for traditional milling operations. It has a user friendly programming language that allows 2/2.5 D programs to be written at the machine. For complex 3D machining, mastercam is used for programming.


The machine can machine most metals including stainless steels, though the majority of work is done in aluminum. Small plastic parts requiring a high accuracy can also be machined.


The machine is only operated by trained Lab Assistants. If you have a job that requires the mill, email TCAUPmill@umich.edu to discuss the application. Complex 3D work will require the student learn Mastercam. Simpler jobs may only require a drawing.


Aircraft Spruce
Specialty metals, woods and composites.

Alro Metals
Local Metal supply as well a small selection of plastics
2466 S. Industrial Hwy
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: (734) 213-2727
Fax: (734) 747-7139
Email: mweidner@alro.com
Website: alro.com

ASAP Metal Source
Local metal supplier

AIN Plastics
Cheap local plastic supplier with a wide selection
Catalog available in the lab.
Southfield, MI

Local and expensive plastic supplier