Taubman College

Digital Fab Lab / CNC Waterjet

The 3 axis Water Jet cutting system is designed for cutting 2 dimensional profi les or shapes out of fl at sheet materials, ranging from sheet metal to metal plate and plastics. For a description of the abrasive water jet process, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_jet_cutter. It is important to note that in all but a few cases, water jet systems cut completely through a part, and do not have control over depth, like routers or milling machines.

Dimensional Limitations

The IFB4800 has a working range of 4'x 8' with around an 8" Z axis. This machine is equipped with state of the art dynamic head technology, which elimintates the kerf taper common with waterjets, and can reliably produce parts with .015" tolerances.


The machine can cut all metals and plastics, as well as rubber and wood. The material must be resistant to moisture, however, so wood is rarely used.


The machine is only operated by trained Lab Assistants. If you have a job that requires the waterjet, email taubmancollegewaterjet@umich.edu to discuss the application.