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Exhibition Presentations and Opening: Architecture Student Research Grants

Exhibition Opening Presentations: Architecture Student Research Grants

Exhibition on view: November 9, 2017 - November 29, 2017

Each year, the graduating architecture students fund a gift to the college in honor of their class. The Architecture Student Research Grant (ASRG) tradition, initiated by the Class of 2013, provides a unique opportunity for students to support outstanding research by their peers. ASRG 2017 calls for projects that push the boundaries and possibilities of the discipline of architecture. Students are encouraged to explore landscapes, cities, and urban contexts and to engage with the cultural and political forces of architecture. Three winning projects will be exhibited:

"Architectural Stereotype" by Jihye Choe (M.Arch), Naree Byun (M.Arch), Sam Zou (M.Arch) with virtual reality advisor Theodore Hall
"Specific Spaces" by Cassandra Orit Rota (UG Arch) with faculty advisor Hans Tursack
"Knot" by Laura Devine (M.Arch), Scott Deisher (M.Arch), and Ali AlYousefi (M.Arch) with faculty advisor John McMorrough

Presentations will be followed by an opening reception in the college gallery.