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Stalled! Symposium

Stalled! Symposium

Free and open to the public. 

Stalled! challenges the limited imaginary of urban infrastructure; and by extension, the passive labor of architecture and its programmatic/spatial conceits. This symposium will examine ways design, creative work, and political action exerts pressure on institutions of higher education, to demonstrate to others the terms diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Panel 1: Trans and Queer Theory
Speaker: Mel Chen, UC Berkeley, Associate Professor of Gender & Women's Studies; Director, Center for the Study of Sexual Culture

Panel 2: Inclusive Space, Design, Infrastructure
Speaker: Jos Boys, University of Brighton, College of Art & Culture

Stalled! kicks off on Wednesday, February 7 at 6:00pm with a keynote lecture by Joel Sanders. Joel's work addresses identity, inclusivity,and social issues in architecture. Recently, his research has been focused on gender neutral bathrooms, a highly debated and relevant topic today. Stalled!, in collaboration with Susan Stryker, aims to create a relatively barrier free open precinct that encourages all embodied subjects to freely and safely engage with one another in public space. Joel believes that making these changes requires acknowledging the pivotal role that building codes play in shaping identity through design, as well as acknowledging that such codes are not neutral functional objectives but rather reflect and reproduce deep-seated cultural beliefs that shape the design of the spaces of our daily lives, including bathrooms. 

In partnership with the UM Initiative on Disability Studies (UMInDS)