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Associate Professor Kulper’s drawings exhibited at UC Berkeley and Cal Poly

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Associate Professor Kulper’s drawings exhibited at UC Berkeley and Cal Poly

Associate Professor of Architecture Perry Kulper's exhibition, "Approximate Strains + Obsolete Species" will be on view at University of California Berkeley, College of Environmental Design (CED) from March 19 to April 27, 2012. Perry's exhibition includes strategic plots, thematic drawings, relational drawings, landscapes and perspectives. The exhibition is part of the Spring 2012 CED Lecture Series, which features noted visiting academics and professionals from a broad range of environmental design fields.

Recently, Perry lectured and showed drawings in the exhibition "Revisited" (January 27 - February 8, 2012) at California Polytechnic State University, where Perry received his B.S in Architecture. His lecture, "Non_Mono" on January 27 and the exhibition were part of the Hearst Lecture Series which brings local, national, and international speakers to present on architecture and the built environment.

Perry also published an essay, "The Labor of Architectural Drawing" and his drawings in "The Draftery," a quarterly publication which serves as a platform for a more careful, direct, and intimate examination of a smaller handful of work. The book provides a glimpse into each contributor's personal rhetoric and the processes involved in their creative practice.

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