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del Campo is Guest Editor for November 2016 Issue of AD Architectural Design Magazine

Friday, November 18, 2016

del Campo is Guest Editor for November 2016 Issue of AD Architectural Design Magazine

November 21st 2016 marks the publishing date of British architecture magazine, AD, guest edited by Taubman College Associate Professor Matias del Campo. The edition entitled “Evoking through Design – Contemporary Moods in Architecture” speculates about novel conversations on the relationship of subject to object, and object to object, yielding the opportunity to observe the problem through a speculative lens. A set of architectural properties, in this universe of thinking, evokes mood. On the other hand, do objects by themselves have a mood? This edition of AD proposes this and other related questions for inquiry by a group of architects who´s work, intentionally or coincidentally, tackle the problem from the vantage point of Speculative Realism.
AD describes del Campo's issue as "visually stunning, featuring built work and speculative projects, which highlight how contemporary practices are using devices such as spatial compositing, surface articulation and novel manipulations of materials in order to constitute spatial conditions radiating in delicate and sophisticated atmospheres. The theoretical foundations for the theme will also be established through key essays: the historic lineage of the evocation of atmosphere and moods in architecture; the more recent interest in phenomenology and perception in architecture; the interaction of the human body and atmosphere; and picturesque rendering techniques.”

Contributors: Benjamin H. Bratton, Matias del Campo, Mario Carpo, Marjan Colletti, Eric Goldemberg, John McMorrough, Juhani Pallasamaa, Andrew Saunders, and Michael Young
Architects: Alisa Andrasek, Isaie Bloch, Mark Foster Gage, Michael Loverich, Jason Payne, Gilles Retsin, SPAN, Francois Roche and Camille Lacadee, and Roland Snooks.

Official website for AD: http://wileyactual.com/architect-design/