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Arindam Dutta "Storm Clouds of the Nineteenth Century: Weather, Capital, Architecture"

Arindam Dutta
November 7, 2008 09:30 AM
Rm 2104
Room 2104, Art + Architecture Building

Professor Dutta's talk looks at the new sciences of "complexity" in the institutional discourse of mid-nineteenth century British Empire. The description of the weather as a positive entity composed of heterogeneous mixtures, Dutta claims, can be compared to other discursive spheres of the same period, for instance the market as well as architecture. Through three "mascots,"---John Ruskin, the marginalist economist William Stanley Jevons, and the biologist-turned-planner Patrick Geddes---Dutta looks at the manner in which power and agency in this period acquire a dispersed, heterogeneous, globalizing orientation.

Will Glover

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