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Doctoral Studies in Architecture Lecture: Mia Fuller

Mia Fuller, Associate Professor of Italian Studies, University of California, Berkeley
A+A Auditorium (Rm 2104)
Art + Architecture Building

Mia Fuller will give a lecture entitled "Asmara, Architecture, and Appropriation: Perpetuations of the Colonial View." Fuller is a cultural anthropologist who has combined fieldwork and archival research in her studies of architecture and city planning in the Italian colonies between 1869 and 1943. Her book on the subject, Moderns Abroad: Architecture, Cities, and Italian Imperialism, was published by Routledge in 2006. She is also the co-editor (with Ruth Ben-Ghiat) of Italian Colonialism: A Reader (Palgrave, 2005). Currently, she is preparing an ethnographic, architectural, and oral-historical study of the 'New Towns' built in 1930s Italy.

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