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Presentation: “Wood: the More Sustainable Structural System”

Chrysler Center, Room 133

The University of Michigan, the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers and the Detroit Regional Chapter of the US Green Building Council will present a lunch-hour forum showcasing “Wood: the More Sustainable Structural System.”

A panel of green building experts will present new techniques in the use of wood in residential and institutional construction to maximize energy efficiency, create impressive aesthetic design and minimize environmental footprint.

The panelists will include Peter Moonen and Marianne Berube of WoodWORKS! who will demonstrate how to make green buildings greener to meet the demands of an increasingly informed consumer. WoodWORKS! seeks to increase the use of wood in commercial, industrial and institutional construction. Also speaking will be David Moses of Equilibrium Consulting of Toronto who will focus on the recent remodelling of the Art Gallery of Ontario which presented demanding challenges met only through advances in very recent technologies.

Today, when architects and engineers design landmark buildings, they look to wood to express a contemporary beauty that is rooted in nature and a respect for the environment. Wood is sustainable, carbon neutral and a highly effective insulator that creates superb living conditions.

The ‘green building’ market is the wave of the future and Michigan can look to its benefits to help sustain and grow its economy. For further information on the presentation, please contact Sherry Brueger at sbrueger@umich.edu.

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