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Dissertation Proposal Presentation: Salila Vanka

“Public Space and Public Life in the Indian City: The Politics of Space in Bangalore”
Room 2204, Art + Architecture Building

Vanka's proposed research examines the conceptualization and contestations of urban space in the public realm by different social groups in Bangalore, India. The contemporary Indian city is transforming rapidly as the state undertakes large urban renewal projects to modernize. There is little or no engagement by the state of city dwellers that are affected by these renewal projects or the master planning process. These planning processes particularly challenge the nature of public space which in its normative definition enables civic engagement in city life. As these changes occur, city dwellers re-negotiate the meaning and relevance of the space in their everyday lives. She wants to understand how public space is conceptualized by different social groups and I also examine the dynamics of civic engagement in urban planning processes. Her research explores linkages between concepts of urban planning, citizenship and democracy in the contemporary Indian city.

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