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URRC Seminar: Mark Rosentraub

"Major League Winners: Why (and How)Central Cities Need Sports and Culture for Economic Development"
Rm 2147
Art + Architecture Building

Mark Rosentraub is the Bruce and Joan Bickner Endowed Professor of Sport Management, University of Michigan.

When cities began to lure professional sports teams to central cities with large subsidy packages, most academics (including the speaker) thought this was a case of civic leaders running amok and defying economic and urban planning logic. Almost two decades later, with some cities boasting of financially successful sports and entertainment center that have supported real development, it is time to reconsider whether these civic leaders saw something academics initially missed.

This presentation looks at theories of urban and economic development and the role sports and cultural can assume in supporting efforts to build competitive clusters, enhance tax bases, and revitalize central cities. Using several case studies, the talk concludes with examples of cities becoming Major League Winners and their avoidance of the subsidy game that only benefits a select part of an urban region's constituencies.

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