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Informational Meeting: Travel Studio Presentations

Rm 1227
Art + Architecture Building

Presentations will be made on the travel studios currently proposed for Spring 2010.

Travel Studio Options include:

Cathlyn Newell, Japan
Ellen Donnelly, Camino de Santiago (Northern Spain and Southern France)
Stephanie Pilat, Rome
Thomas Moran & Rosalyne Shieh, Taiwan
Ellie Abrons & Adam Fure, Barcelona
Juan Rois, Argentina
Meredith Miller, Los Angeles
Anya Sirota & Steven Christensen, France
Orri Gunnarsson, Reykjavik, Iceland

Each faculty person will present for 5-7 minutes on their studio. This is the best way for students to get an overview of all the travel studios. Each faculty member will have more detailed group meetings at a later date.

For more information about Taubman College travel studios, visit www.taubmancollege.umich.edu/travel

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