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Raoul Wallenberg International Summer Travel Fellowship

Application Deadline

Applications now available for the Raoul Wallenberg International Summer Travel Fellowship

Interested in securing funding for community service abroad? Announcing an opportunity open to all undergraduate and graduate students: The Raoul Wallenberg International Summer Travel Fellowship for students who take part in a community service project or civic participation anywhere in the world, in the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg’s experience and contributions. Deadline for applications is February 22, 2010. Applications are available through the Ginsberg Center website (http://ginsberg.umich.edu).

Several fellowships will be made for summer 2010, each in the amount of up to $5000 to cover transportation, room and board, and local excursions made in connection with the project. One fellowship will be the Isabel Bagramian Summer Travel Award, given by Linda Bennett and Robert Bagramian in honor of Isabel Bagramian. At least one fellowship will go to an undergraduate student and at least one to a graduate student.

Please submit applications to the attention of Ardele Stewart, Ginsberg Center, 1024 Hill Street, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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