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Taubman College Student Event: Yoga and Relaxation Workshop

Enhance Creativity, Reduce Stress
Rm 2108
Art + Architecture Building

As an antidote to end-of-semester stress, and to celebrate the last day of fall classes, attend a special Relaxation and Yoga experience with Ann Arbor yoga teacher Natasha Schaffer. Emphasis will be on relaxation and internal focus; students are encouraged to close their eyes.

“Join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating movement meditation: a wonderful opportunity to try yoga as counterbalance to our high-stress lifestyles. Through a simple movement sequence, we explore our inner resources to help us cope with end-of-year pressures; to nourish our bodies; and to still our minds, enhancing creativity and a sense of well-being. Stretch and strengthen, restore and renew. Build, stoke your fire, then utilize it for creative pursuits.” - Natasha Schaffer, yoga instructor

Questions? Sacha Feirstein, Taubman College Student Life Counselor
Office location: Room 1235, Art + Architecture Building
Tel: 734.936.0236

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