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Hundreds of college students with the number 10 emblazoned across their chests lined the walk to the University of Michigan Museum of Art, cheering and clapping Mr. A. Alfred Taubman’s arrival. This represented a school-wide tribute to Mr. Taubman’s remarkable and transformative gift to the college, 10 years ago.

The school gained its name from real estate developer and philanthropist A. Alfred Taubman, who donated $30 million in May 1999.Mr. Taubman’s gift is the largest ever given to a school of architecture in the United States, and remains one of the most substantial endowments at the University of Michigan.

College Dean Monica Ponce de Leon, University President Mary Sue Coleman, graduate student Patrick Lynch, and Mr. Taubman himself addressed the lively crowd. They spoke of the many strides made possible in the past ten years, and looked to the future of Taubman College.

"While most large gifts are tied to bricks and mortar and a name in the front door, Al's gift was transformational in allowing the administrative freedom to address our most crucial needs–which will vary over time," Dean Ponce de Leon said in her speech. "His direct investment in the college, the university, and our professions was not only a vote of confidence but also a challenge to hire the best faculty, recruit the best students, and offer the best academic programs."

The impact of his gift have been considerable, and the income from the endowment has been used to support students and faculty. Here are a few of the ways the gift has strengthened Taubman College over the last ten years:

  • Number of scholarships awarded from the Taubman Endowment: 792
  • Number of visiting faculty hosted with funding from Taubman Endowment: 28
  • Support to date from the Taubman Endowment: $12,117,000

In 1998-99, Taubman College had a regular instructional staff of 42 tenured and tenure track faculty and 3 lecturers. Enrollment for Fall Term 1999 was 525 students. Since, Taubman College has expanded significantly. In the 2009-2010 school year, we have 51 tenure and tenure track faculty, and 36 lecturers. Enrollment for Fall Term 2009 is 603 students.

Other contributions Mr. Taubman has made to the University of Michigan:

  • $4 million to the U-M Museum of Art
  • $3 million toward the building of the U-M University Hospital and the A. Alfred Taubman Health Care Center
  • $22 million to the A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute at U-M