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The City of Our Youth

The City of Our Youth

Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, Andrew Holder, Kristen Hass

The city of our youth is not the city of our maps. Before we drive, before we vote, before we work, before we become aware of spatial precincts delimited by political boundaries, geography, and capital, we experience a city of “I”: a city of endless, serially unfolding perspectives that sometimes conform to the abstract boundaries of social convention and sometimes do not. The drawings in this body of research represent Chicago through the specificity of these first-person experiences. This entails a certain malleability of the visual field: scale shifts according to significance and weight of impression, the contents of the drawing are edited to reflect only what is noticed, and the mode of perspective drawing changes according to the observer’s point of view.  The City of our Youth renders the city plastic—changing its compositions, its sizes, and its spatial arrangements in order to depict the inhabitation of urban space.

Research and Design Assistants: Brooke Fairbanks, James Joslin, Divya Kapuria, Jen Komorowski, Chelsea Meyer, Dustin Murphy, Jennifer Ng, Tyler Smith, Danielle Tellez, Nathan Wesseldyk

In partnership with Albany Park Theater Project


The City of Our Youth from Taubman College on Vimeo.