Taubman College

Ph.D. in Urban Planning / Integrated Graduate/Doctoral

This option offers the ability to pursue a combined M.U.P./Ph.D. course of study. The students who could benefit from such an option fall into two categories:

  1. Students admitted to the Ph.D. program who do not have a master's degree or who do not have a master's in urban and regional planning and are interested in obtaining the professional degree;
  2. Students currently in the master's program who are admitted to the Ph.D. during or after their first year in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program.

The master's degree is the professional degree in the field of urban and regional planning, and the Ph.D. is the research degree. In contrast to traditional disciplines, where the master's degree is granted on the way to a research-oriented Ph.D., the master of urban planning (M.U.P.) implies a mastery of the professional skills needed for urban and regional planning practice. For this reason, the advisor is responsible for ensuring that students participating in the integrated program take the appropriate set of courses to develop professional competency in their chosen areas of study. In order to enable such candidates to complete both degrees while adding the minimum amount of time to their program, degree requirements may be double-counted in certain areas (the doctoral-level statistics requirement also satisfies the M.U.P. statistics requirement; the master's thesis satisfies the doctoral directed study requirement). All coordination is optional; the candidate is free to fulfill the requirements of the M.U.P. and the Ph.D. curricula separately.