Taubman College

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Project Title

Glass Cast

Project Team

Wes McGee and Catie Newell
with Aaron Willette, Lucy Olechowski, Brandon Clifford

Fabrication Team

Grant Weaver, Simon Rolka, Patrick Ethen, Maciej Kaczynski, Etienne Turpin, Andrew Stern, Brian Muscat


Steve Karnowski

Glass Cast is a series of research trajectories that manipulate this ubiquitous and fragile material through the investigation of two methods of working: hot glass blowing and warm glass slumping. The design process and its tools, including custom manual forming tools and a reconfigurable slumping kiln, are as significant to the work as the resultant glass components, Diffuse Globes and Distort Windows. Casting techniques and the limited range of material available to work at the high temperatures necessary to form glass are the basis of the research. Such tools construct environments to control the thermal performance through time-based processes, choreographing the work and physical mediations.

Additional support has been generously provided by

UM Office of the Vice President for Research 2011 Small Projects Grant