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Taubman College maintains an environment in which information technology is easily accessible and available to the Taubman College community.

Taubman College maintains an environment in which information technology is easily accessible and available to the Taubman College community. We manage several high-end technology enhanced classrooms, digital fabrication labs, statistical analysis lab, various computer clusters with high-end windows workstations, public printers, high-end plotters, scanners, wireless and wired networks, and various state of the art software packages, including Adobe CS6, ArcGIS, SPSS, the 2015 versions of AutoCAD, Revit, Maya and 3DS Max, and Rhino 5.0. Various IT services are provided to students, staff and faculty. Our goal is to provide a computing environment that supports learning, design, planning, and research at every level.

Incoming Students

Current Students

Public Printers

Students get $24 of free printing per semester provided by the University and available either via the web, by using MPrint, or directly from College lab computers. When using MPrint, look for these printers:

  • Art Architecture Building Rm 3100e Multi
  • Art Architecture Building Rm 3100e Color Multi
  • Art Architecture Building Rm 3100w Multi
  • Art Architecture Building Rm 3100w Color
  • Art Architecture Building Rm 2225
  • Art Architecture Building Rm 1248 Multi
  • Art Architecture Building Rm 1209 Multi

Install a Taubman College printer.

Public scanner locations

  • 3rd floor East Computer Cluster
  • 3rd floor West Computer Cluster

Computer labs

There are computer labs and clusters on all three floors of the Art and Architecture Building.

  • 3rd Floor East Cluster, Rm 3100
  • 3rd Floor West Cluster, Rm 3100
  • SAND-NC, Room 2207
  • A&A Campus Computing Site, Rm 2109, 2nd floor
  • Doctoral Computing Lab, SI North
  • MUP Lab, Rm 1248, 1st Floor
  • BT Lab, Rm 1208, 1st Floor
  • FAB Lab, 1st Floor

Accessing the Network / Internet

Wired Connection: With Fall 2015 wired access is available throughout the building by just plugging in.  
The wired network is much faster and more capable of handling large data files compared with wireless.

Wireless: Select the "MWireless" network for the simplest, fastest, most secure connection; "MWireless" provides access to all University resources. "MGuest" is intended for University visitors. Selecting this network, bringing up a browser, and providing an e-mail address, as prompted, will provide access to basic Internet services (e.g. mail) but a number of University services will not be accessible.

Having a computing problem?


  • Keep your software up-to-date by using Windows Update or Apple's Software Update.
  • Use anti-virus software. Download for Windows or Mac.
  • Turn on your firewall: Windows, Mac.
  • Use strong passwords for your accounts. Test their strength.
  • Physically, use a security cable. For sale at the UM Computer Showcase.
  • Remember, if you have a Mac running Windows, regardless of whether it is in Boot Camp or a Fusion or Parallels environment, it is as though you have a separate Windows computer and you will need to pay attention to the Windows guidelines to secure the Windows installation as well as Mac guidelines.
  • See the university's Safe Computing site for detailed, up-to-date, security information.