Taubman College

Academic Policies / Degree Requirements

Students must adhere to the degree requirements from the year they entered Taubman College. The University of Michigan reserves the right to change, without notice, any statements in the College Bulletin concerning, but not limited to, degree requirements, curricula, courses, faculty, academic policies and rules. If course or curriculum changes take place after you commence your program, we will make every effort to implement the changes in your best interest.

For older degree requirements, contact the college registrar, Stacey Shimones, at mesvcs@umich.edu.

2014-2015 Degree Requirements
2013-2014 Degree Requirements
2012-2013 Degree Requirements
2011-2012 Degree Requirements

These older bulletins provides an overview of policies, procedures, programs, and courses for the years listed:

Architecture Bulletin

Urban and Regional Planning Bulletin