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ARCH 509 – Sartorial Architecture


Sartorial Architecture is a theory and material investigation course that examines the allied disciplines of architecture and clothing production. Sartorial Architecture situates architecture and clothing production through new forms of technological experimentation. The creative loci lie in not only conflating processes, but also exploring how new models of making could inform cutting-edge production with novel experiences. Through readings, lectures, and discussions, weekly topics will explore specific techniques of making coupled with exercises of material exploration. This includes tailoring, patterning and developable surfaces, macramé, folding, pleating, stitching, knitting, steaming, and casting. Drawings will be our design tool in these exercises to facilitate fabrication processes and prototyping. The making aspect of the course seeks to open up the potential when hybridization of disciplinary processes and design are integral to material studies outside our normative association


Fri 9:00am-12:00pm East Review


Tsz Yan Ng


Course Brief