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ARCH 509 – Workflows


Workflows is an experimental seminar/lab that will explore the transformation of architectural practice in the wake of complete adaptation of digital technologies that have restructured the collective workflow among architects, fabricators, engineers and builders.

BIM, analytic software packages and new collaborative technologies are opening expanded territories for the scope of architectural practice, while simultaneously reclaiming lost ground within the building profession for the architect by redifining time constraints, the allocation of resources and the specificity of location.

This course will use case study analysis, office visits, and interviews of leading players in the AEC field in southeast Michigan and beyond to to develop a broader understanding of opportunities and risks of this transformation while seeking new possibilities for design that extend beyond the streamlining of production.

This seminar will support the work of the Propositions Studio “WorkSpace” taught by Craig Borum. Consequently, enrollment in this seminar is limited to students enrolled in that studio.


Fri 9:00 am-12:00pm Loc: TBD


Craig Borum


Course Brief