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ARCH 583 – Professional Practice


Broadly speaking, architecture is a cultural enterprise that comprises an enormous portion of the global economy. Arch 583 will examine the architect’s role in this enterprise and will consider parallel notions of professional success. The course will examine individual and organizational modes of practice and introduce students to the different approaches. Salient areas of administration and management, including organization of the architectural office, professional services of the architect, fee structures and fee management, contracts, and resource management /monitoring /marketing /project delivery are explored in lectures and through case problems. Arch 583 is the principal forum for students to initiate and develop professional leadership in the following:

  • Communication: Written, Spoken, and Visual Presentations
  • Strategy: Proposals, Interviews, Pitches, Social Media, Networking
  • Relationships: Working with consultants, client, and colleagues (both senior and junior) 


Tue 3:00-6:00pm 1360 A&AB


Irene Hwang


Course Brief